Apr 242014
Cagayan - Episode 9: "Sitting in my Spy Shack"

  Another solid episode, with one major annoying thing: the “super idol” (aka Tyler Perry Idol for some reason). It’s way too powerful, it was too powerful back in the days of Panama and the Cook Islands, it’s still too powerful. Even more so, I’m tempted to say as back in the days, people weren’t too sure how to deal with idols. This season has been awesome so far, and I’m afraid that the introduction of this idol will make the next episodes not as enjoyable. We’ll see. Sollarion       - Jefra Bland: Oh, Jefra. I knew you weren’t an interesting person (or at least, you’re not an interesting Continue reading »

Apr 172014
Cagayan - Episode 8: "Bag of Tricks"

    Ok, I don’t have much time for this week’s analysis (sorry I can’t do a better job this season, let’s hope future ones go better), so let’s get it started: Sollarion     - Jefra Bland: OK, now that’s a fact, she is this season’s invisible and mute person. That, or she really has nothing interesting to say. I’m still surprised that at season 28, you still have some people who “play” not like season one, but season two or three, that is, find an alliance and then just sit it out until voted out basically. Oh well. - Jeremiah Wood: Still not much about him. He’s not that different Continue reading »

Apr 102014
Cagayan - Episode 7: "Mad Treasure Hunt"

  Another week with not so stellar moves, however, another episode that was utterly enjoyable (despite being spoiled briefly before seeing it). What’s up with this season? Usually bad moves are met with lots of criticism and scorn from me, but this season, not only they don’t make the season bad, but I’m almost under the impression that they are the ones that make the season good… Odd… Concerning being spoiled: with the time difference and all that, I rarely get to see Survivor as it airs on TV (it happens once in a while though), but on Thursday night for me (which is Thursday morning in the US). So Continue reading »

Apr 032014
Cagayan Episode 6: "Head of the Snake"

  And I’m finally back after a hiatus of two episodes. That was too long, wasn’t it? Sorry about that, two weeks ago, I was just too busy, last week, I was traveling to Kyoto for a few days (I could see the episode, just not blog). Time to get back on track. And what an episode to do it, right? It’s actually something that fascinates me this season. It’s full of big moves, but I’d say that most of them are pretty bad moves actually. Yet, they keep on making this season very entertaining, fascinating and even good. This tribal council kinda was the epitome of that. How many Continue reading »

Mar 142014
Cagayan - Episode 3: "Our Time to Shine"

  Is that just me or would “dumb and dumber” have been a better title for this episode? And I’m not only talking about the Beauties tribe here. Let’s see into more detail.   Aparri (Brawns) – Cliff Robinson: He doesn’t know it yet, but he got really lucky. Lucky that the Brains tribe was so hopeless and lucky that the immunity challenge involved shooting baskets. I really like him more and more, but now that even his number one friend is ok with voting him out, I don’t think he can go very far. However, the team reshuffling of next week could save him. Now can he make the Continue reading »

Mar 072014
Cagayan - Episode 2: "Cops R Us"

  OK, I don’t have much to say about the episode in general, except for the typhoon part: wow… and I assume it won’t be the last, if I remember correctly several typhoons went over the area during the filming period – which made me realize that Cagayan is the closest I’ve lived from a Survivor location before – unless it’s Guatemala as I lived in Florida a the time? So let’s get into details and players right away.   Aparri (Brawns) – Cliff Robinson: Not much about Cliff this week. That’s the problem when a tribe is dominant in challenges early on, we barely see some of its members. Continue reading »

Feb 282014
Cagayan - Episode 1: "Hot girl with a grudge"

  And here we go for a brand new season of Survivor. First a disclaimer: while I’m sure I’ll watch this season religiously as every season, I’m pretty busy these days, and I’m not exactly sure if I’ll be able to blog weekly about the show, or at least if I’m going to be able to do it in a timely manner (it’s already Friday early afternoon here and I’m just starting to type this and it won’t be published until Friday night). However, if you like me so much that you really want to hear about me rambling on about Survivor, you can follow me on Twitter, Google+ and Continue reading »

Dec 162013
Blood Vs Water - Episode 14: "It's my night"

  And here we are. All has been said and done, and as I never saw the point of recapping an episode, there is never much left to say in my last post of the season. So let’s see what there is left to be said.     Well, first of all, congrats to Tyson Apostol ! If you’ve read this blog for a while, you may know that I have been a fan of Tyson since Tocantins, some people even say that I have a man crush on him, which is actually not too far from the truth. However while I’ve been a fan of the character, or even Continue reading »

Dec 122013
Blood Vs Water - Episode 13: "Out on a Limb"

  I don’t know about you, but I am impressed by this season. And while I bash editing from time to time, I was also impressed by it. While this week’s vote made sense on every possible way, I find this week’s tribal more intense and more stressful than last week’s. Kudos where kudos are due. Redemption Island   Laura Morett won again, of course she did, and I have the feeling that she’s going to pull an Ozzy and return to the game for the second time. Meanwhile, Tina Wesson eliminated her own daughter Katie Collins. And while it was obvious that Tina wanted it more than Katie (and that Katie Continue reading »

Dec 062013
Blood vs Water - Episode 12: "Rustle Feathers"

  Wow… That was quite an episode and quite a tribal council, wasn’t it? Without further ado, let’s deep into it.   Redemption Island   Not much about redemption island today. For a minute, I was afraid that after winning, Laura Morett was going to jump from her platform and push Caleb Bankston‘s tower to make sure Tina Wesson survives another day, but it was not necessary. Caleb’s faulty tower fell by itself.   Kasama     - Ciera Eastin: Last week I called Ciera a little idiot, and well… I don’t see how I can call her any differently this week. Last week was the moment to take over, and she didn’t, she Continue reading »