Dec 162013
Blood Vs Water - Episode 14: "It's my night"

  And here we are. All has been said and done, and as I never saw the point of recapping an episode, there is never much left to say in my last post of the season. So let’s see what there is left to be said.     Well, first of all, congrats to Tyson Apostol ! If you’ve read this blog for a while, you may know that I have been a fan of Tyson since Tocantins, some people even say that I have a man crush on him, which is actually not too far from the truth. However while I’ve been a fan of the character, or even Continue reading »

Dec 122013
Blood Vs Water - Episode 13: "Out on a Limb"

  I don’t know about you, but I am impressed by this season. And while I bash editing from time to time, I was also impressed by it. While this week’s vote made sense on every possible way, I find this week’s tribal more intense and more stressful than last week’s. Kudos where kudos are due. Redemption Island   Laura Morett won again, of course she did, and I have the feeling that she’s going to pull an Ozzy and return to the game for the second time. Meanwhile, Tina Wesson eliminated her own daughter Katie Collins. And while it was obvious that Tina wanted it more than Katie (and that Katie Continue reading »

Dec 062013
Blood vs Water - Episode 12: "Rustle Feathers"

  Wow… That was quite an episode and quite a tribal council, wasn’t it? Without further ado, let’s deep into it.   Redemption Island   Not much about redemption island today. For a minute, I was afraid that after winning, Laura Morett was going to jump from her platform and push Caleb Bankston‘s tower to make sure Tina Wesson survives another day, but it was not necessary. Caleb’s faulty tower fell by itself.   Kasama     - Ciera Eastin: Last week I called Ciera a little idiot, and well… I don’t see how I can call her any differently this week. Last week was the moment to take over, and she didn’t, she Continue reading »

Nov 292013
Blood Vs Water - Episode 11: "Gloves Come Off"

  After two somewhat weaker episodes for the past two weeks, we have another great episodes. Final seven episodes are usually always great (unless there’s a pagonging from an alliance of five going on). This one didn’t disappoint. For the first time in a few weeks I really had no idea of who was going to be voted out.   Redemption Island   An interesting thing happened at Redemption Island this week. There’s always an ongoing debate about whether it’s cheating to copy your neighbor’s puzzle during challenges. Well, it is cheating in real life, but not on Survivor, as no rule is against it (and if it was against Continue reading »

Nov 222013
Blood Vs Water - Episode 10: "Bid Bad Wolf"

  I’m not too happy with this episode. While interesting things happened, I’m pretty annoyed with the fact that editing decided to focus of drama rather than on gameplay. That gave us one of the most predictable episode ever, from the very first minute when Ciera says that her mother has to go, we knew what was going to happen. The episode really could have been edited in a different ways. The thing is that what Jeff Probst wanted with the Blood vs Water format was more emotion in the show, except that he didn’t get that much, instead he got great gameplay every week, so as soon as some Continue reading »

Nov 142013
Blood Vs Water - Episode 9: "My Brother's Keeper"

  We’ve reached that moment of the season that’s pretty tricky as it gets very predictable or even boring. In a sense it was a good idea to condense these two boots into one episode. Two episodes for them would have dragged on for too long. So sure, it was pretty much the worst episode of the season so far, but this season is so good, that even this episode was better than the good episodes of some terrible seasons. Yet, we have to admit that not much happened at all. I even have trouble finding who to give my don’t-let-that-fool-you award to this week.   Redemption Island   Well, Continue reading »

Nov 072013
Blood Vs Water - Episode 8: "Skin of my Teeth"

  Ha! Merge episodes. Who doesn’t love them? Very often the best episode of the season, as we never know what will happen, and usually what happens decides for the rest of the game (even if it entails a lame pagonging for the next few episodes sometimes). Will we have a pagonging this time? Hard to tell really, although Katie, Tina and Vytas are now in big trouble.   Redemption Island   Usually, duels at redemption arena are mostly puzzles to make sure everyone has the same chances. So why exactly have an endurance challenge with totem poles for the most important duel? It’s always the smaller woman who wins Continue reading »

Nov 012013
Blood Vs Water - Episode 7: "Swoop in for the kill"

  Good premerge episode, nothing too special. I have one complain about the edit though. Why was Kat completely invisible for pretty much 5 episodes, got her two minutes last week as she was being voted out and this week, it felt that the first half of the episode was all about her. I mean, she was on her way out, had no impact on the game anymore, why spend so much time on her?   Redemption Island   John Cody is starting to dominate redemption island, but the fact that we don’t hear him at all, and don’t see him beyond the truels tells me that he won’t have Continue reading »

Oct 242013
Blood Vs Water - Episode 6: "One-Man Wrecking Ball"

  Another solid episode. This season is good. I have one concern though, the format of this season makes us all (viewers and players alike) anticipate how will the game be affected by people playing in pairs when merge comes. Except that now I’m wondering whether there’ll be many if any pairs left when merge comes. We’ll see.   Redemption Island   Brad Culpepper is gone, almost without a word (well, if you don’t mention his attempt at poetry when it was finally time to wave goodbye). I have to admit that I’ll miss him, he was an interesting dude to watch. However, I’m pretty sure we’ll see him again Continue reading »

Oct 182013
Blood Vs Water - Episode 5: "The Dead Can Still Talk"

  Is this the best premerge season we’ve seen so far? I’m tempted to say so. I really love how this new twist has everyone (players and long time fans) rethinking the way the game is played, let’s hope it stays this way until the end, although the less pairs are left in the game, the more it will become “normal” again. But as long as we don’t have a pagonging at the merge (and we shouldn’t) I’ll be happy. However, this new format also makes this season pretty difficult to analyse as there are so many unpredictable factors at play. Let’s see what we can make of this episode: Continue reading »