Mar 252010
Survivor 20, Episode 6: Banana Etiquette

Wow, this episode was amazing, one of the best ever. That tribal council?! Definitely the most incredible in Survivor history. First I was disappointed it was not going to be a Russell Vs Boston Rob, it’s even better, it makes the Russell Vs Boston Rob feud even stronger and bigger… Heroes   What is there left to say about them, expect that they’re one of the stupidest, lamest, worst tribes in Survivor history? JT is the only one that still has some respect from me, because he’s the only one that knows how to play this game. All of the other ones look like they’re beginners, not two or even Continue reading »

Mar 122010
Survivor 20, Episode 5: Knights of the Round Table

Interesting episode, but a little more of the same. The Heroes are falling apart because egos don’t allow to have team unity. The Villains have it together, but something nasty is brewing, something very nasty… I can’t wait ! Heroes The team is really falling apart, and I don’t see any way out of this… They’re not winning challenges, their spirits are down, and this won’t get any better. They’ll need some sort of twist to stand a chance. Amanda Kimmel Her logic for keeping James is that he’ll do and vote exactly how she wants. But as we know, she’s not the most decided person. So if none of Continue reading »

Mar 062010
Survivor 20, Episode 4: Tonight, We Make Our Move

This season is very interesting. I was extremely disappointed in the first All-Stars season (but Micronesia was one of the best), so far this season delivers. That was another great episode, I really hope that it’s going to be like this all season long (although I’m afraid that mid-season, around merge time, may be a little predictable… or not, we’ll see…) It’s very interesting to see how different both tribes are, and how the Villains are behaving more and more “nicely” whereas the Heroes are being more and more scheming and “villainous”. But to be fair, this is mostly because the Heroes have been to Tribal Council three times already, Continue reading »

Feb 262010
Survivor 20, Episode 3 : That Girl is Like a Virus

Finally we see a bit of what’s going on at Villains camp, and it’s not pretty -and quite messy. But I guess except for the shelter we can say the same about the Heroes, even if some think the storm has passed after last week. Heroes OK, the atmosphere at camp seems a bit better, winning the challenge definitely helped improving the mood. But this is all but temporary, I think we can be pretty sure of that. Amanda Kimmel It hadn’t struck me before, but I realized that Amanda was quite skinny in the challenge. Is that just me, or has she lost a lot of weight (not since Continue reading »

Feb 202010
Survivor 20, Episode 2 : It's getting the best of me...

That’s it, Survivor 20 is almost in full throttle at episode 2, well at least on the Heroes side, the Villains side had almost no airtime so far except for Boston Rob. More on that in his paragraph. Heroes In the previous post, I was wondering how long before people’s egos get in the way and make the team implode? Well, the answer is: in episode 2. And we all know that’s what is going to do or undo a team. It doesn’t matter how hard working they are, the atmosphere between the different contestants will be the key of their success. There are a few exceptions (remember Casaya from Continue reading »

Feb 122010
Survivor 20: Slay Everyone, Trust No One

Yeah, Survivor is back, and what a premiere. Maybe the best ever. But that makes sense, usually premieres are very exciting because the show is back, but we don’t really know the contestants so premieres are more about trying to discover who they are than anything else. This time we know all of those contestants, some of them very well, so we can get down to business right away. And that’s what we do with that crazy reward challenge, one of the most brutal challenges ever. Two injuries? Come on, we’ve never seen that before (although, I’m sure there has been tons of minor injuries during challenges that ended up Continue reading »

Jan 102010
Heroes Vs Villains!

It’s been more than rumored for a few months, but now it’s official, the 20th season of Survivor will start on Feb. 11th and will be another All-Stars season with a Heroes Vs Villains theme!!! So I know, I tried to cover the Tocantins season, my usual readership didn’t care for it, no new readership arrived here (how many blogs talk about Survivor after all? I must appear on page 12 in google when looking for something about the show), but I don’t care, I’m über-excited for this season, and I’ll try to cover it. Let’s start now with the cast! Heroes: Amanda Kimmel (China & Micronesia) -I loved Amanda Continue reading »