Jul 092011

A few days ago, Rob Cesternino, posted a survey on his website, asking his readers to vote for their Top 20 Survivor Contestants. Here is my vote: But before we get started, a few words on what I based that vote on. If you’ve read Analyses & Speculations for a while, you know that what I care most about in Survivor is strategy, and for me a good strategist who sucks at challenges is a much better contestant than a challenge hog that has no sense of strategy whatsoever (Colby who?). Of course, the social dimension of the game plays an important part too, but I tend to include it Continue reading »

Jan 092011
Who should have won? (part one)

Waiting for the official reveal of Survivor: Redemption Island’s cast, here are a few lines about who I think should have won in every season and why. Borneo: Well, this one is a no-brainer. Anyone who says that anybody other than Richard Hatch should have won the first Survivor is crazy. Hatch basically created Survivor as much as Charlie Parsons and Mark Burnett did. Not convinced? Just watch the French Survivor once. It didn’t have a Richard Hatch, never did, and we’ve had 10 seasons of a bunch of clueless Pagong voting people along the lines of “He annoyed me today” or “She ate all the food.” The question I always Continue reading »