Mar 112011
Survivor 22 Redemption Island - Don't You Work For Me?

Alright people, you’ll have to be good with me. As I mentioned yesterday, I was too busy to blog about this week’s episode and today, I’m having a hard concentrating on this as the sad news from Japan are “diverting” me the say the least (for those who don’t know I have some personal connections to Japan, and while I don’t know anybody that was directly hit by the earthquake and the tsunami, it is unsettling nonetheless).Ok, let’s talk about Survivor. Another interesting episode, although I’m getting more and more annoyed at the casting directors and/or editors for having so many uninteresting people season after season lately. Samoa was a Continue reading »

Mar 032011
Survivor 22: Redemption Island – Keep Hope Alive

Wasn’t this the best episode ever?! Ok, maybe not, but finally Russell got his torched snuffed! I have been waiting for a long time for this to happen. Seeing his pissed off look was great. Do you think he learned some humility from this? I doubt it. More on him later, and let’s start our weekly analysis with Ometepe, but hold on, CBS has decided to finally air some deleted scenes on their site (I wonder why they haven’t from episode one). I’ll be back in a few minutes and so should you if you haven’t watched those too. That’s it? You’ve watched those scenes? Good. So, now let’s talk Continue reading »

Feb 242011
Survivor 22: Redemption Island – You Own My Vote

Yes, this season seems as good as promised. The first two episodes are usually not that exciting and those two were almost more interesting than most of the previous season! We’ve already seen big moves, big mistakes, and future big moves or mistakes planned for the following weeks. Let’s get to the details. Ometepe Ometepe looked like it was going to totally dominate the game, and now we have back to back losses, Boston Rob turning on his own Groupie Alliance way too early and of course, Phillip. It doesn’t look good for Ometepe. I feel self-destruction right now. – Andrea Boehlke: That look when she realized that she had Continue reading »

Feb 172011
Survivor 22 - Redemption Island: You're looking at the New Leader

That’s it, the moment you’ve all bee waiting for, all three of you, my recap of the first episode of Survivor – Redemption Island! I don’t know what it was. Was it the fact that -because I had posted all of those contestant profiles- I already knew who they were (and I didn’t spend the entire episode wondering who was this person again)? Or was it the fact that it was one of the best first episodes we’ve had (with definitely the best first tribal council ever)? In any case, I really enjoyed this episode and if it sets a trend, we are indeed facing a great season.   Ok Continue reading »

Feb 012011
Survivor 22: Natalie Tenerelli

Natalie Tenerelli 19 year-old dancer & student from CaliforniaApparently, she’s the youngest female to play the game. Will it be her only claim to fame? Mmmm… What are her strong points in my opinion? She’s a cutie. By casting her, the production seems to be looking for a current days Colleen Haskell or something, isn’t it?  She seems pretty nice and easy to get along with. She’s athletic. She could have a great social game. She won’t be seen as a threat by anyone. What are her weak points? Well, I seriously doubt that she will be taken seriously. Sometimes and for some people it can be an advantage, but Continue reading »