Jul 092011

A few days ago, Rob Cesternino, posted a survey on his website, asking his readers to vote for their Top 20 Survivor Contestants. Here is my vote: But before we get started, a few words on what I based that vote on. If you’ve read Analyses & Speculations for a while, you know that what I care most about in Survivor is strategy, and for me a good strategist who sucks at challenges is a much better contestant than a challenge hog that has no sense of strategy whatsoever (Colby who?). Of course, the social dimension of the game plays an important part too, but I tend to include it Continue reading »

Dec 212010
And we have a winner for Survivor Nicaragua

That’s it. Another season of Survivor is over. This one was a strange one I must admit. I can’t say I disliked it, but it’s definitely not one of my favorites. I guess we can blame it for some very bad twists: Old Vs Young could have worked if there had been more physically fit old people (of the likes of Terry Deitz or Tom Westman) but not with this cast. The Medallion of Power!? The production ditched it halfway through, it sucked that much. The reshuffling of the tribes? More often than not I like it when they do that, but this time it was an obvious sign that Continue reading »

Nov 112010
Survivor 21, Episode 9: Running the Camp

Last episode was very interesting, and I think a very defining moment of this season as it seems that lines were drawn (guys one side, girls plus Chase on the other side, Brenda and Sash in the middle but controling the game) although, I’m pretty sure those lines will be blurred as soon as next week. Ben “Benry” Henry: I thiunk he is really disappointing. Early in the game he seems manipulative enough to run a few things this season. Right now, he’s totally in the bandwagon. Except that he was in Marty’s bandwagon lately, and that won’t be good for him. Right now, he’s savy enough to lay low, Continue reading »

Nov 042010
Survivor 21, Episode 8: Company Will Be Arriving Soon

Ok, I’m back at commenting Survivor. So, the merge happened earlier this season. I think this is a good thing, as it’s stupid to have people in the jury that didn’t get to play with everybody. On the other hand, I suspect that the merge happened earlier in order to save Marty, because let’s admit it, having Marty voted out early would have suck for the show, the rest of the season would have been less interesting. Oh well. Alina Wilson voted out: I’m almost sad to see Alina go. Mostly because each episode she seemed to be wearing less and less clothes. What has she done to alienate pretty Continue reading »

Sep 252010
Survivor 21, Episode 2: Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All

Is it just me or is it that this season of Survivor is not wasting any time to become entertaining. I guess the producers learned from their mistakes of Survivor Samoa and understood that casting only one member out of twenty with personality was not a great idea when one can cast 20 or so of them. In any case, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a second episode that entertaining so far. La Flor Tribe I knew it wouldn’t take long before “team spirit” disappears and that a bunch of people start going at each other throat. Although, this team could be united without trouble makers like Shannon and Continue reading »

Sep 182010
Survivor 21, Episode 1: Young at Heart

Yeah! Survivor is back! This blog will be more active! Although, to be fair, I haven’t posted much on it lately mostly by lack of time more than anything else. There are many topics that I meant to tackle in the past few weeks and I just couldn’t find the time to do it. But for Survivor I make time! So the two main things this season so far are the fact that tribes are divided according to age and… Jimmy Johnson! Older tribe vs younger tribe? I gotta admit I like the idea. Nothing better to create a rivalry than a non-random division of teams. And that will help Continue reading »