Sep 152011
South Pacific - Episode 1: I Need Redemption

And there we are. Survivor 23rd season is underway in the South Pacific! I am pretty pleased with this first episode. After last season’s debacle, I didn’t know what to expect (and let’s be honest, we still completely don’t) with another season with two returning contestants associated with Redemption Island, but so far so good. It was an interesting episode (but then again last season’s first episode was the best first episode ever and it lead to the worst season ever, so…) Before I get started with the tribes and players assessments, I want to say that I liked the intro: random assignment to a tribe for Coach and Ozzy Continue reading »

Sep 122011
Whitney Duncan

Wow, this Whitney Duncan is pretty! Mmm… Yes, I need to stay focused. And apparently, she’s kinda famous too. Her pregame interviews don’t tell a lot about potential gameplay, I’m not even sure if she knows the show well. What I really hope is that she’s not using this to boost her singer carrier or something. Yes, I’m really afraid that once on the island, she worries more about her public image than anything else. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt though. On the good side of things, she seems to have a fun personality and she seems to be someone who is pleasant to be hanging out Continue reading »

Sep 122011
Stacey Powell

We don’t have much to chew on concerning Stacey Powell. She seems to be a kind of no nonsense, no BS kind of woman, which is good… in real life. In Survivor, these kinds of people can make it far if they have a solid alliance, if not, they get cut quite quickly. And even with a solid alliance they never make it to the end. Add to that the fact that she’s not a big fan of the show, and the fact that I have doubts about how friendly she is. Those things won’t play in her favor. Like many other players, she really wants to get rid of Continue reading »

Sep 112011
Sophie Clarke

I’m not sure what to make of Sophie Clarke. On the one hand she seems like a potential strong contestant: she has been a fan of the show since season 1 (despite her young age), she seems pretty smart, she says she has lived more or less outdoors before. On the other hand, I don’t know, I have a strange vibe about her. It’s hard to explain, especially because I know her only through three short interviews (only two of them being videos). It’s like something in her eyes makes me feel uncomfortable, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me and in that case who cares? But if her tribe Continue reading »

Sep 102011
Semhar Tadesse

  I don’t want to be mean, but I don’t really have anything to say about Semhar Tadesse. From the interviews I saw, there’s nothing really that I can say about her gameplay or anything else. Yeah, she seems sorta OK. She also seems a little bit too much of a princess, and I totally suspect she’s in it for the 15 minutes, not for the game. I mean, it doesn’t seem that she wants to be outdoors, it doesn’t seem that she has anything remotely near a stratgy. Actually, I doubt she even suspects what the game is about; she’s not sure whether to tell the other contestants that Continue reading »

Sep 092011
Rick Nelson

I kinda like Rick Nelson. I mean, I’m not too sure I’d get along well with him in real life, but he’s the kind of no nonsense person I like to see on Survivor, even though these kinds of players have a tendency to get screwed by other players more often than not. Rick is another big fan of the show, and that’s a good thing. The guy applied 14 times! Talk about persistence. I have no doubt that he’s going to be a hard worker around camp, and could help win challenges too (I mean, he’s not that young, but being a rancher and all, I assume that he’s quite Continue reading »

Sep 082011
Ozzy Lusth

While I have to admit that I’m pretty excited to have Coach back (I mean, I still hate the idea of having two returning contestants, but if we have to have them, at least let’s pick some that are entertaining), I’m quite indifferent to Ozzy Lusth coming back. I mean, I’ve always been indifferent to Ozzy. Indifferent with a vaguely positive feeling during Cook Islands – yes, his athleticism is quite impressive, almost as impressive as his lack of strategy. Indifferent with a vaguely negative feeling  during Micronesia where he was kinda douchey more often than not (I liked the way he was blindsided though). What can we expect from him this Continue reading »

Sep 072011
Mikayla Wingle

When I first read Mikayla Wingle‘s bio I got scared : Playboy cover, Lingerie Football (I didn’t even know there was such a thing… well, I had seen pictures, but I thought it was a joke), recruited not even for Survivor but for the Amazing Race. Nothing good could come out of that, could it? I started having horrible visions of a new Purple Kelly or Ashley Underwood. Do we have to have a lame useless but somewhat pretty girl every new season now? Seriously? Then, seeing her first interviews, I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. She seems to have a personality, and she even seems Continue reading »

Sep 042011
Mark Caruso

From the first glimpses I had of Mark Caruso, I can say that I like him so far (“and not in a homosexual kinda way“… thank you Rudy). He seems like a genuinely good person. One you can rely on and who’s not likely to backstab you if you’re in an alliance with him. Yes, if I was playing with him, he’s definitely someone I’d like to ally myself with. And allies he will need if he wants to go far in the game, especially because he seems too nice for the ruthlessness that this game can be at times. Well, I’m not implying that he’s a sissy. He was Continue reading »

Sep 022011
John Cochran

What an interesting character this John Cochran. I’m not sure if I like him or if I hate him. I’m not sure if he’s going to be memorable for his amazing gameplay or the fact that he will be the most annoying contestant ever. Part of me wants to root for him, there aren’t enough super fans that play this game. Part of me wants to see him fail miserably as I already find him a bit too cocky in his interviews. As everything seems to be so dual about him right now, let’s see his strong points and his weaknesses.     His Strengths: He knows the game inside Continue reading »